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Vendor: FMA Engineering

FMA Supersonic XL M4 Stock

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Product Type: Compound Crossbows
Weight: 15100 g
Vendor: FMA Engineering


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The new ultra-compact Supersonic XL mini compound crossbow with quick release system and M4 shaft accelerates bolts up to 330 fps and is actually suitable for shooting distances of up to 60m.

The new ultra-compact XL from X-BOW fma Engineering is the further development of the powerful Supersonic mini compound crossbow. The Supersonic XL has a pulling weight of 120lbs, reaches bolt speeds of up to 362km / h and is suitable for shooting distances of up to 60m. Such values ​​were previously only known from larger crossbows!

The cable system for tensioning the Supersonic XL has been revised and improved, so that it can be tensioned quickly and easily and high firing sequences can be achieved. The limbs are now made in the USA and are much more durable and increase maximum performance. Unstrained the littermates are approx. 20.1cm wide and if they are stretched they are approx. 12.7cm.

The length-adjustable M4 shaft in A-frame design is brand new on the XL models. The M4 shaft is manufactured by the US manufacturer Magpul from high-quality, glass fiber reinforced and heat-resistant plastic. Together with the foldable front handle, it can be optimally adjusted. With the shaft, the XL has a maximum length of 67cm with a total weight of only approx. 1.43kg. On the top there is an approx. 12cm standard rail for attaching visors and accessories.

The Supersonic XL is available in two models that differ in the shaft used. This version contains the M4 shaft, the version with the AR-15 shaft is also available.


Mass Weight 1.430 gram
Poundage 120, 120 lbs
Factory Speed 330 fps
Included Accessories 3x deep penetration bolts
Width (Cocked/ Uncocked) 5/ 7.9 inch
Power Stroke 7 inch
Colour True Black
Material Metal