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Vendor: Steambow

Steambow AR-6 Stinger 2 Tactical Bundle

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Product Type: Crossbow Bundles
Weight: 15100 g
Vendor: Steambow


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Ultra-light, highly maneuverable, an extremely high rate of fire, and more than enough power for all relevant applications – this may just make our new AR-6 Stinger II the best tactical crossbow in the world.

Our new speed loaders cut reload times to seconds and our wide range of accessories lets you customize the crossbow to your needs: a red dot sight for farther distances, a laser and light for use in the dark, limbs with different draw weights, and specialized bolts for different applications.

Thanks to the AR stock, the AR-6 Stinger II is considerably more ergonomic and easier to cock, and the integrated fiber optic front sight provides for extremely quick aiming.


  • Draw Weight: 55lbs
  • Power: 190fps - 58m/s
  • Kinetic Energy: 18J
  • Material: Impact Resistant and UV Resistant Polymer
  • Picatinny Rails 22mm
  • 6-shot Magazine
  • Sights: Fixed/laser
  • Telescopic Stock: AR style
  • Length: 55.63cm / 63.25cm
  • Height: 21.85cm
  • Weight: 1.18kg
  • Colour: Black

Whats included in the package:

  • Steambow AR-6 Stinger 2 Tactical
  • 55lbs Limbs
  • 6-Shot Magazine
  • AR stock
  • Front grip
  • 6 bolts ( Included with the bow )
  • Strings, 2 pieces
  • Stringing Aid
  • Steambow Laser Sight 
  • Steambow Red Dot Sight 
  • Steambow Stimger 2 Quick Detach Limbs 
  • Steambow Bolt Carbon AR- Series Light Match x2 
  • Steambow Pouch For Speedloader