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Vendor: Man Kung

Man Kung MK-400 Ares Compound Crossbow Package 360fps

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Product Type: Compound Crossbows
SKU: MK-400
Weight: 15100 g
Vendor: Man Kung


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The Man Kung MK-400 compound crossbow is the absolute showpiece of our crossbow range. This MK-400 is just as powerful as the MK-380, but has a lot more functionalities. The position of the foregrip, for example, can be adjusted to perfectly match your posture. Just like the MK-350 and MK-380, this crossbow is equipped with string dampeners and a sophisticated compound drawing system. It is also featured with an anti-dryfire system that prevents you from accidentally firing without a bolt. Dry-firing can seriously damage the crossbows' string, cables and limbs. This MK-400 also comes with a sight, a sling and a quiver, so you can start shooting right away. A rail is mounted below the barrel so you can attach accessories like a laser or a light. Due to its very high velocity, this crossbow is especially suitable for advanced shooters.

  • Draw weight: 175 LBS
  • Velocity: 360 FPS - 110 m/s
  • Accurate up to 85 meters
  • Weight: 3980 grams
  • Length: 88,9 cm
  • Width: 58,4 cm
  • Upper rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
  • Lower rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminium barrel
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
  • This product might not be allowed in your country, please check the laws and regulations
  • Including sight
  • Including sling
  • Including quiver
  • Including cocking string
  • Including 4 Man Kung 20 inch aluminium crossbow bolts