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Vendor: Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct Boss 405 Compound Crossbow Package 405fps

Rs. 64,970
Rs. 67,307

Product Type: Compound Crossbows
Weight: 15100 g
Vendor: Killer Instinct


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Delivering bolts to their target at 405 fps, the Killer Instinct Boss™ Crossbow Package has the firepower to outrun the cagiest of critters. An incredibly lightweight, 6-position AR-style buttstock and adjustable X-Lok foregrip offer a like-custom fit for a wide variety of shooters, making it perfect for growing archers! A Micro-Lite aluminum barrel pairs with a 3.5-lb. KillerTech™ trigger to ensure pinpoint accuracy at every pull. The Killer Instinct Boss 405 Crossbow Package is topped with a Lumix 4x32 illuminated scope for easy sighting in low-light conditions. String and limb suppressors keep noise and vibration to a minimum. The included rope cocker is easy to use, and this Killer Instinct crossbow is compatible with the DSC Dead Silent Crank (not included) for consistent and easy cocking! Bolt Speed: 405 fps. Kinetic Energy: 134 ft. lbs. Power Stroke: 13.25". Draw Wt: 220 lbs. Length: 33.5" to 36" Width: 14.75" (cocked), 18.75" (uncocked). Weight: 6.7 lbs. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. The Killer Instinct Boss 405 Crossbow package includes: crossbow, Lumix 4x32 IR-W scope, rope cocker, string suppressors, 3-bolt quiver, 3 HYPR Lite bolts with field points, and a stick of rail lube.

  • Fires bolts downrange at up to 405 fps
  • Hits with a staggering 134 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy
  • Lightweight, adjustable stock and X-Loc foregrip
  • Micro-Lite aluminium barrel reduces weight
  • 3.5-lb. KillerTech trigger breaks crisp
  • Lumix 4x32 illuminated scope
  • String and limb suppressors
  • Rope cocker