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Vendor: Junxing

Junxing Drakon Self Repeating Pistol Crossbow

Rs. 49,784
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Product Type: Self-Repeating Crossbows
Weight: 15100 g
Vendor: Junxing


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The Junxing Drakon Compound Crossbow has compact limbs that can shoot arrows at a speed of 290 fps or 318.2 km/h. The length of the stock is adjustable and the front handle offers a comfortable shooting position. The reverse cam technology ensures a longer powerstroke. The red dot sight is equipped with 4 different reticles for more options. This powerful crossbow comes from the same factory as the FMA Supersonic, but with a long stock.

The technical characteristics of the Junxing 100 lbs crossbow:
  • Power: 100 Lbs
  • Arrow speed: 290 FPS or 318.2 km/h
  • Length: 66 - 73 cm (26 inches)
  • Width cocked: 20,5 cm (7.5 inches)
  • Disarmed width: 27 cm (10.25 inches)
  • Power Stroke: 17.78 cm (10.25 inches)
  • Weight: 1,7 Kg
  • Color: black
The Junxing Drakon crossbow comes with:
  • 3 x 34,5 cm carbon arrows
  • 1 x Holographic red dot sight with multiple reticles
  • 1 x Wax tube