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Vendor: FMA Engineering

FMA Supersonic Rev Set - Triangle Stock

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Product Type: Compound Crossbows
Weight: 15100 g
Vendor: FMA Engineering


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Overview of the X-BOW FMA Supersonic REV XL with Triangle stock
X-BOW fma Engineering has listened and presents together with two new versions of the Supersonic REV XL. The XL model combines the previously unattained features and advantages of the compact Supersonic REV, with a shoulder rest in two different designs. In addition to the appearance and tactical character, the stocks differ significantly in handling and thus bring their very own advantages.

Good to know - with the additional Triangle stock, the Supersonic REV XL brings it to a maximum length of 67 cm. Thanks to the option to adjust the length, an adjustment to a minimum of 61 cm is possible. By removing the reel seat, a further 2 cm can be saved. Depending on the configuration chosen, the XL version is thus between 19 and 25 cm longer than the compact Supersonic without shaft.

Technical data:

Draw weight: 120 lbs

Bolt speed:

  • 420+ fps with the High Range REV bolts (100gr)
  • 390-400 fps with the standard REV bolts (120gr)
  • 350-360 fps with the High Impact REV bolts (140gr)
  • Minimum bolt weight: 100gr


  • Supersonic REV XL with triangle stock: 1,78 kg
  • Power stroke: 8,25" 


  • Supersonic REV XL: approx. 61-67cm
  • Width (cocked, axle-to-axle): 4,9" (approx. 12,4cm)
  • Width (cocked, total): 7,5" (approx. 19cm)
  • Width (uncocked, axle-to-axle): 8.5" (approx. 21,7cm)
  • Width (uncocked, total): 11,4" (approx. 29cm)
  • Sighting rail: 19 mm
  • Strings and cables: Made in USA

Pack Contains:

  • 1x Crossbow
  • 10x High impact bolts
  • 1 x Red dot 400 Multidot
  • 1x Picatinny rail
  • 1x String wax
  • Mounting material

Please note:

Due to the special design with inverted limbs, only the Bodkin bolts, High Impact REV bolts, Pro bolts and 24T bolts are suitable for the X-BOW FMA Supersonic REV. These bolts are longer and have a larger distance between nock and fletching, which the REV requires for optimal shooting results.

Conversely, all bolts can be fired with the X-BOW FMA Supersonic, as the distance between the cam and the fletching is irrelevant.