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Vendor: FMA Engineering

FMA Supersonic Standard Carbon Bolts 111gr - Pack of 10

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Product Type: Full Size Crossbow Bolts
Weight: 1000 g
Vendor: FMA Engineering


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The X-BOW FMA bolts are made of 100% carbon and are ideally suited for the X-BOW FMA Supersonic and all pistol crossbows without empty-shot safety, which are shot with 6.5 inch bolts.

The two variants Standard and High Impact are designed for different requirements and purposes.

The High Impact variant with a weight of 140 grain is designed for more effective shooting with maximum impact on the target, as the heavy tip shortens the maximum distance but allows the bolt to penetrate deeper into the target.

The standard bolt with its weight of 111gr is suitable for longer distances, but does not penetrate as deeply into the target. It is the optimal combination of distance and effect.

  • Type: Standard Impact
  • Weight; 111g
  • Vanes; 1.5" Parabolic Red
  • Nock; Moon Nock Plastic
  • Length: 25.2cm

Please note:

Due to the special design with inverted limbs, only the Bodkin bolts, High Impact REV bolts, Pro bolts and 24T bolts are suitable for the X-BOW FMA Supersonic REV. These bolts are longer and have a larger distance between nock and fletching, which the REV requires for optimal shooting results.

Conversely, all bolts can be fired with the X-BOW FMA Supersonic, as the distance between the cam and the fletching is irrelevant.