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Vendor: FMA Engineering

FMA Supersonic RD22 - Red Dot

Rs. 7,470
Rs. 10,038

Product Type: Crossbow Scopes
Weight: 600 g
Vendor: FMA Engineering


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The RD22 Red Dot from X-BOW fma is made of robust metal construction and has a red or green illuminated dot that can be adjusted to the distance with a simple side and height adjustment. The illuminated dot, arguably the most important feature of the whole sight, has a size of 4 MOA (minutes of angle) at 100m and is 5-stage adjustable in intensity to suit different light conditions.

The 20mm lenses are protected from dust and dirt by protective caps at the front and rear and allow a field of view of approx. 12.6m (at 100m). This means that the target is sufficiently large when sighting in and can be seen undistorted and clearly through the single lens without magnification.

For easy mounting on the crossbow, the Red Dot has an integrated mount for 22mm (Picatinny) sighting rails, which is fastened via an Allen screw.

Technical data:
Colour: black matt anodised
Material: aluminium
Magnification: 1x (none)
Field of view: 12.6m at 100m
Illuminated points: Red or green
Illuminated dot size: 4 MOA (approx. 11.64cm at 100m)
Mounting: Picatinny, 22mm
Battery required: 1x CR2032

Lens diameter: 20mm
Eyepiece diameter: 20mm
Total length: 68mm
Weight: 118g