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Vendor: FMA Engineering

FMA Supersonic Crossbow Bolts Hulk

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Product Type: Full Size Crossbow Bolts
Weight: 1000 g
Vendor: FMA Engineering


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The X-BOW fma Supersonic HULK - Carbon Bolts are the ideal choice for all crossbow shooters who strive for precision and performance. With their thicker diameter, they offer improved stability and accuracy during shooting. The bolts feature a high quality screw tip and an insert that seamlessly blends into the shaft.

The 13 inch long bolt is made of robust carbon, which is known for its durability and longevity. With a Spine of 400, it offers optimal flexibility and strength for a precise trajectory. The tip weighs 100gr and provides perfect weight distribution to ensure a stable flight. The Penetrator insert with a diameter of 0.144 inch in the shaft offers a secure connection between shaft and tip.

With a total weight of 250gr, the carbon bolt is light enough for fast speeds but heavy enough to transfer their energy efficiently to the target.

The X-BOW fma Supersonic HULK - carbon bolts are the perfect choice for demanding crossbow shooters looking for precise and powerful ammunition. Trust the quality of these bolts and reach your targets with confidence and accuracy.

NOT suitable for the X-BOW fma Supersonic Tactical!

Technical data:
Overall length: 13 in.
Spine: 400
Ø outside: 6mm
Material: Carbon
Tip: 100gr
Insert: Penetrator
Insert diameter (in shaft): 0.144 inch
Insert diameter (beginning of shaft): 0.236 inch
Insert diameter (end, tip receptacle): 0.300 inch
Fletching: 2 inch
Nock: Half-Moon, Ø 0.236 inch
Total weight: 250gr