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FMA Supersonic Crossbow Bolts Bodkin Scout

Rs. 7,819
Rs. 10,246

Product Type: Full Size Crossbow Bolts
Weight: 1000 g
Vendor: FMA Engineering

Size: 16" 100gr

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The X-BOW FMA Scout is the combination of two materials that are otherwise only known from completely opposite areas of archery: carbon and fibreglass. The carbon is actually only used for more expensive bolts, which are used by advanced crossbow shooters and professionals due to their very good flight and material properties. Fibreglass, on the other hand, is usually only used for beginners with less powerful crossbows, because it is almost indestructible and relatively cheap. X-BOW FMA has combined these two materials and developed the Scout, a good-natured, durable bolt that combines the good flight characteristics of a carbon bolt with the robustness of a fibreglass bolt and can withstand bolt speeds of up to 400 fps.

The point used is a X-BOW FMA Bodkin point with 100gr or 125gr, which penetrates deep into the target due to its special shape of the point, known from hunting points, with hard edges and flat surfaces.

 Technical Data:

  • Length: 16", 20" or 22"
  • Ø outer: 8,84mm (0,348")
  • Ø inner: 7,65mm (0,300")
  • Straightness: ±0,006"
  • Tip: X-BOW FMA Bodkin - 100gr or 125gr
  • Insert: SPHERE Tac Long - 63gr
  • Fletching: 4" Shield, red-red-black
  • Nock: Moon nock
  • Maximum bolt speed: 400fps