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EK Archery Rex Compound Bow Package

Rs. 44,936
Rs. 52,410

Product Type: Compound Bows
SKU: CO-029B
Weight: 15000 g
Vendor: EK Archery

Model: Black

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The Rex Compound Bow from EK Archery is a very powerful, easy to use, and superbly made bow that is ideal for the advanced, or beginner shooter thanks to its changeable draw length and draw weight.

The Draw Weight can be adjusted from 15 - 55lbs on the standard Black bow, and 20 - 65lbs on the Camo models. This means you can start off using the bow at the lowest power level, then increase the power as you advance through the years. The CNC machined cams on the ends of the limbs provide a smooth and consistent power delivery at all times as well as providing a 65% let off for precise aiming.

The handle on the Bow has an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort at all times to assist in aim and precision, as well as minimising felt recoil.

Product Specifications:

  • Black Bow Includes: Screw Arrow Rest 3 Pin Plastic Optical Sight 2 x Aluminium Arrows
  • Camo Bows Include : Deluxe Biscuit Rest 3 pin Plastic Optical Sight 2 x Carbon Arrows 3 Arrow Compact Quiver Peep Sight