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Vendor: Barnett

Barnett Explorer XP405

Rs. 90,500
Rs. 116,200

Product Type: Compound Crossbows
SKU: 119932-1012
Weight: 15000 g
Vendor: Barnett


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The new XP405 Crossbow features a compact, lightweight design with side-mount quiver for easy transport and ultimate shootability.
  • Speed: 405fps
  • Net weight: 6.1lbs
  • Draw weight: 200lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 13”
  • Power stroke: 13.6”
  • The Frictionless Release Technology™ creates a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger – offering a smoother, lighter trigger unlike anything else on the market. Nock sensors and anti-dry fire give you peace of mind for double the safety, and a three-pound, zero-creep release gives you confidence to make the shot. Once you go TriggerTech, you’ll never go back.
  • Veil Stoke Camo Stock and Limbs
  • Rope-Hold™ Rope Cocking Device Groove Mechanism - (Patent Pending)
  • Soft Lok™ Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer
  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology
  • Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System
  • Pre-Installed String Suppressors
  • Adjustable Butt Stock
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track
  • Crank Cocking Device Compatible
  • Pass-Through Foregrip
  • Three Picatinny Accessory Rails
  • Package includes: Two 20" Headhunter Carbon Arrows with 100 gr target points, 4x32mm Illuminated Red/Green Multi-Reticle Scope, Lightweight Sidemount 3 Arrow Quiver, Rope Cocking Device, String and Rail Lube Wax